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Review Date: 02/02/2021 | Author: Laurie M., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Very friendly, very responsible

Review Date: 12/14/2020 | Author: Craig H., Escondido, CA

Comments: When I first talked to Al he walked me through some items to see if I could do the repair myself. Once we figured out the level of the repair needed he immediately came over the next morning. By noon that day he had replaced my water heater, brought it up to code and charged a very fair amount. He also removed lines and capped them that were no longer in use that was not related to the water heater replacement. Al is old school and I very much appreciated his honesty as well as trying to work through the problem. Two other companies, they remain anonymous but both are on TV, came out and didn't look at the water repair heater to repair but just gave me an extremely high cost to replace. I have found my "go to" plumber. Thank you Al1

Review Date: 12/04/2020 | Author: Carolyn M., Encinitas, CA

Comments: I called Al and he responded right away. He didn't try to oversell me anything and cleaned up the job just right. I will definitely bring him back.

Review Date: 11/30/2020 | Author: Felipe R., VISTA, CA

Comments: ABC was the first to call and inform me in a lot of things and in educated me on on the water heater I would recommend everybody he's called me up later on and let me know that if everything was going all right I think he's a class act think everybody should go to him.

Review Date: 08/04/2020 | Author: Joseph L., Escondido, CA

Comments: I had this company replace my water heater. I discovered the heater was leaking late Sat night and by Monday noon we had hot water again Prompt, Great service, professional job, and reasonable fees

Review Date: 05/14/2020 | Author: Nelvin B., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Very good service.

Review Date: 05/05/2020 | Author: Steven R., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Extremely nice gentlemen.

Review Date: 02/13/2020 | Author: Lynn B., Encinitas, CA


Review Date: 01/28/2020 | Author: Chee-mei S., Carlsbad, CA


Review Date: 12/15/2019 | Author: Rick B., Encinitas, CA

Comments: Good price. Competent plumbers

Review Date: 12/15/2019 | Author: Helen J., San Marcos, CA


Review Date: 11/25/2019 | Author: Randall S., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Al is such a very amicable, knowledgeable, and professional person who really cares about my affordability and providing the highest quality of work. I definitely,without reservation, will hire him again to do all my plumbing needs and will surely recommend him to all my friends and acquaintances. Randy Salés

Review Date: 11/13/2019 | Author: Jason V., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: You never quite know what to expect when you hire someone to do a job. I knew I was getting a professional, but I hired the best! Allen was the first to return my call and arrange to come to fix my leaking shower. The value of the level of service is fantastic. He and Stacy were efficient in their use of time but did not rush. They made sure that all of the possibilities were covered and fixed everything the first time. I expected to pay double what I was charged. ABC Plumbing will be my go-to plumbing contractor for honest high-quality work. I could not be more pleased with my experience.

Review Date: 11/11/2019 | Author: Gregory K., Escondido, CA


Review Date: 11/11/2019 | Author: Miki K., Encinitas, CA

Comments: Sunday afternoon pipe started leaking from ceiling. Al was actually the only plumber who called us via the Home Advisor project request. We are fortunate he did. He spent a lot of time with us attempting to help us identify and get leak isolated should it be the fire sprinklers It was not, but we appreciated his guidance. He told us he would be over the next morning. He was able to pinpoint the leak and work from atop a ladder to get the bad section of pipe cut out and new piece welded. He was neat and prepped the area in the kitchen with drop clothes , covers etc. we had a trash can his helper used to catch any debris and water. It took about 2 1/2 hours and it was done Very happy with his work He’s old school and brings decades of experience with him. He also has a clear understanding of the varied pipe material used throughout the years. Helpful and gave us some important tips before leaving. Highly recommend Al

Review Date: 10/01/2019 | Author: Rex B., Vista, CA

Comments: WOW!! Once again, AL & STACY ROCK, they repaired my two toilets installed a garbage disposer, Installed a new bathroom faucet. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST â ¦ HIRE THEM YOU WILL NOT BE DISPOINTED... TERRI

Review Date: 09/03/2019 | Author: Jim H., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: ABC Plumbing, Al the owner, and his helper were awesome. Super fast response. Great communication! Fixed my hose bib leak inside my garage for a fair price! I'm very satisfied and have asked ABC Plumbing to do additional work in my garage. (Replace my relic pressure regulator). Thanks Al!

Review Date: 07/18/2019 | Author: Dennis H., Encinitas, CA

Comments: I was told by another plumber that my low water pressure was caused by a faulty regulator, which needed replacing. Al, the owner of ABC, investigated and explained his logical approach to me while he was working. The conclusion was that my problem was caused by my water softener, saving me an unnecessary expensive repair. The next time I have a plumbing problem, I'll call ABC.

Review Date: 01/10/2019 | Author: David P., Vista, CA

Comments: Knowledgeable people, very professional, friendly, thorough and might call another time.

Review Date: 12/11/2018 | Author: Lance R., Escondido, CA

Comments: GREAT!

Review Date: 12/06/2018 | Author: Ramesh B., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Allan took no time in locating the leak, in the copper water line going through our attic. He beautifully completed his job, to my entire satisfaction, and without any mumbling. He and his team member are very decently behaving workers. I will strongly recommend him to anyone needing a plumbing & related jobs.

Review Date: 11/28/2018 | Author: Rex B., Vista, CA

Comments: Al and Stacey are awesome, Al clearly states what the issue is and the cost, he gets right to work and fixes the issue. I highly recommend his service.

Review Date: 09/15/2018 | Author: Patricia G., Vista, CA

Comments: Al, the owner was very meticulous with his work. I had complete confidence that he was doing an excellent job of installing our new water heater. I called him and the next day the work was done. Would definitely use him again.

Review Date: 07/19/2018 | Author: Henry L., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: He arrived on time, began the work, found an issue and recommended a tile company to fix an underlying problem. When the tile work was completed (great job), Allan returned and completed the work. I highly recommend him and will use him again when needed.

Review Date: 07/13/2018 | Author: Nancy R., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Arrived at the scheduled time, had the part with him and completed the project in record time. Allan is efficient and interested in completing the job to the customers satisfaction. He informed me he has been a licensed plumber for 40 years, so I am sure he has seen it all. I will definitely be using ABC Plumbing again.

Review Date: 05/07/2018 | Author: Janet C., Escondido, CA

Comments: Above and beyond service in a friendly manner. They tightened up fixtures in a master bath and replaced a Kitchen faucet.

Review Date: 03/18/2018 | Author: Bob M., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: They showed up on time. Did a very through and efficient job. Very good service!

Review Date: 03/06/2018 | Author: Jane S., San Marcos, CA

Comments: Allan is a great guy and very talented. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem. He worked tirelessly. Liked his helper too. They worked great as a team.

Review Date: 03/04/2018 | Author: James B., Oceanside, CA


Review Date: 02/07/2018 | Author: Ruthann L., Encinitas, CA

Comments: Andrew was very knowledgeable and caught a separate problem while replacing 2 hose bibs. The regulator on the main was not regulating. Also replaced all at a reasonable price. Meagan, in the office explained everything and the timing was great.

Review Date: 02/02/2018 | Author: John S., Oceanside, CA

Comments: They showed up the day afer I requested the service, on time, and installed the two toilets I requested within a reasonable period of time and did a great job.

Review Date: 01/11/2018 | Author: William B., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Very competent. Followed up with a phone call to see that all was well, which of course it was. This man knows his business.

Review Date: 12/16/2017 | Author: Claire I., Escondido, CA

Comments: Very knowledgeable and honest reasonabl prices.

Review Date: 11/07/2017 | Author: Charlene G., oceanside, CA

Comments: Very good, turned out a lot of work necessary and he took care of it all

Review Date: 10/18/2017 | Author: David K., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Highly skilled with 50 years of plumbing experience. Tackled a complex problem involving main line leak in foundation. Stayed on budget and schedule.

Review Date: 10/13/2017 | Author: Ray D., Encinitas, CA

Comments: He responded promptly to our situation of a leaky water heater.

Review Date: 10/06/2017 | Author: Richard P., San Marcos, CA

Comments: He explained everything and was excellent.

Review Date: 10/05/2017 | Author: Augie I., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Great to work with.

Review Date: 09/29/2017 | Author: Carly Z., Vista, CA

Comments: They did a great job checking everything and changing fixtures. I was just a little taken back when the labor cost was about 90% of the entire bill.

Review Date: 09/28/2017 | Author: Joan S., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Al Cyr the owner is as professional as it gets! He worked very hard at unclogging my drain that had a root mass blockage from a ficus tree. Unfortunately, he could not cut the root because it was too large and suggested a company who has the equipment to cut through the root mass and view it through a camera. Al was honest, fair and knowledgeable and I would definitely hire him again as well as recommend him.

Review Date: 08/02/2017 | Author: Lisa L., Solana Beach, CA

Comments: Was very professional and knowledgeable.

Review Date: 05/26/2017 | Author: Stacy F., Vista, CA


Review Date: 03/06/2017 | Author: Heath W., Vista, CA

Comments: Did the work they were scheduled to do and did it quicklyl

Review Date: 11/15/2016 | Author: Carrie A., Escondido, CA

Comments: Did a great job. Worked quickly and efficiently. Al explained all that he was doing. I just thought the price on parts was a little too high.

Review Date: 10/11/2016 | Author: Cathy K., San Marcos, CA

Comments: Allan and his assistant were outstanding. On time and very professional. Very affordable. I will definitely call him for all my plumbing needs and recommend him to everyone I know. This was the best experience I have ever had. Thank you ABC plumbing.

Review Date: 10/09/2016 | Author: Eugene C., La Jolla, CA

Comments: The plumbers were on time, professional and did a great job. They waisted no time getting the job done and cleaned up after they were done. Everything was well explained and the price was exactly what they quoted, fair & reasonable. I would certainally reccomend ABC Plumbing to a freind or neighbor.

Review Date: 08/29/2016 | Author: Brad L., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Al was great!

Review Date: 08/05/2016 | Author: Richard M., Vista, CA

Comments: He was very professional man and nice.

Review Date: 07/29/2016 | Author: Priscilla N., Encinitas, CA

Comments: The work was performed promptly and carefully. Everything was covered and the clean-up was impeccable. I highly recommend these professionals. Al and his assistant are A++! Thanks.

Review Date: 07/26/2016 | Author: a Neighbor, Oceanside, CA

Comments: No comments

Review Date: 07/05/2016 | Author: Shawn J., carlsbad, CA

Comments: price was reasonable. great work!

Review Date: 06/12/2016 | Author: Donna G., Oceanside, CA

Comments: AL was very knowledgeable and knew exactly where my leak was coming from when others did not. He completed the project and stopped the leak. I would use AL again and recommend him to others.

Review Date: 05/22/2016 | Author: Daniel W., Oceanside, CA

Comments: They were able to get the parts for my Delta touch faucets free from Delta and completed the work at half the price quoted by another plumbing company.

Review Date: 05/11/2016 | Author: Tracy K., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Very friendly, thorough, and conscientious.

Review Date: 01/01/2016 | Author: Eric H., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Great guys , Showed up quickly & had the job done in a little under 2 hrs. Very knowledgeable and Got the job done quickly.

Review Date: 12/10/2015 | Author: Craig B., Escondido, CA

Comments: Al from ABC Plumbing replied to my homeAdvisor request about 30 seconds after I got off the phone with HomeAdvisor. He spent about 10 minutes on the phone explaining the process and continues his great service from there. If you Don't use his service you're only setting yourself up for failure.

Review Date: 10/23/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Cleaned up after work. Did a great job.

Review Date: 10/19/2015 | Author: Jim T., Escondido, CA

Comments: He called me immediately after my request, and he worked closely with me to figure out the best way for me to get the parts that I wanted (sink, faucet, garbage disposal). Highly recommended.

Review Date: 06/04/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Carlsbad, CA


Review Date: 06/02/2015 | Author: Rose G., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: ABC Plumbing called within minutes of my on-line request with Home Advisors. They arrived on time and did a great job of fixing the water valve to the refrigerator water/ice maker. Their pricing was in line with other plumbers I have used in the past, in fact, they were a little bit less. Thanks ABC and Home Advisors!

Review Date: 04/14/2015 | Author: Gloria M., Oceanside, CA

Comments: He was very nice, went out of his way to get parts, did not charge up front for them, made me very happy.

Review Date: 04/12/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Encinitas, CA

Comments: I like the fact that the plumber who showed up is actually the owner. He is experienced and was able to diagnose the issue immediately and had the needed parts with him so it was a one call fix. I will definitely call him again.

Review Date: 03/23/2015 | Author: Eric M., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: They were timely and honest. They were very straight forward on the work that was going to be done and the price was fair

Review Date: 03/19/2015 | Author: Carrie M., San Marcos, CA

Comments: Very knowledgeable, professional, reasonable, and helpful. It's always stressful when you find an upstairs leaking into the ceiling downstairs. Allan immediately found the source of the leak and made the repairs taking away the huge worry we had as well as preventing further damage to our home. I will definitely hire ABC Plumbing again.

Review Date: 11/04/2014 | Author: Mike A., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Great service very knowledgeable and whats important did the job right the first time I would hire them again

Review Date: 09/19/2014 | Author: Michael H., Escondido, CA

Comments: They arrived at the time agreed upon, completed the work quickly and accurately, cleaned the area after work, all at a reasonable cost.

Review Date: 07/26/2014 | Author: Mike P., Solana Beach, CA

Comments: Exceptional service and great value. Project and trade knowledge above and beyond the rest of the competition. I received good tips on maintenance as well as a solid guarantee. 44 years of experience shows and there was no BS or unnecessary up-charges. I hope AL sticks around to assist, serve, and help other homeowners like myself. I will use his plumbing services again if needed.

Review Date: 07/12/2014 | Author: Gale M., Escondido, CA

Comments: Just a good experience all around. Very nice person.

Review Date: 07/02/2014 | Author: a Neighbor, Escondido, CA

Comments: Al was courteous and professional. He fixed leaky sink drains. Provided excellent service, explained and answered all questions.

Review Date: 06/06/2014 | Author: Melissa S., Encinitas, CA

Comments: Al was amazing. He explained every step of what needed to be done to install our new vanity. He's a perfectionist, which we completely appreciated. This guy is legit. He gives a quote & sticks by it. There was no nickel & dime act once he started the job, like I've seen with so many other contractors. He even called a couple days after he did the work to check on us. I highly recommend him & will definitely use him again.

Review Date: 05/15/2014 | Author: Albert C., San Marcos, CA

Comments: Positive experience. Only contractor who wanted to see the project before providing a cost estimate.

Review Date: 12/29/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, San Marcus, CA

Comments: found source of water pressure problem

Review Date: 10/27/2013 | Author: Paul B., San Marcos, CA

Comments: Very prompt, thorough and courteous service! Will use again in the future.

Review Date: 10/23/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, Escondido, CA

Comments: after discovering brand of cartridge replacing was quick. did not have trim kit with plumber. went to a supply house and waited a day for the exact match.

Review Date: 10/01/2013 | Author: Tim L., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Family owned, personable, knowledgeable.

Review Date: 08/07/2013 | Author: Amy C., Escondido, CA

Comments: Al was prompt, even earlier than he thought he'd be. He was courteous to me and my tenant and thoroughly explained the work that needed to be done.

Review Date: 08/02/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, Oceanside, CA

Comments: very professional and reliable with detailed information and explanation.

Review Date: 07/11/2013 | Author: Linda K., Del Mar, CA

Comments: Quick to respond, on time arrival, thoroughly explained problem and repairs that he made, personable and professional. Will definitely use again!

Review Date: 06/22/2013 | Author: Daniel B., San Diego, CA

Comments: They came to replace a food incinerator; one that I had just purchased at HD. They discovered that the new part didn't have the electrical wiring in the kit, but quickly improvised and reused the wiring from the old part. No extra charge for the additional work. I highly recommend them!

Review Date: 06/13/2013 | Author: Steven R., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: The owner Al was excellent. Work was done very professionally. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest plumber with many years experience.

Review Date: 05/21/2013 | Author: Michael W., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Very professional, flexible schedule, responded quickly!! I was extremely pleased with all of their work and will use them again in the future. Highly recommend.

Review Date: 04/28/2013 | Author: Thomas a C., Escondido, CA

Comments: GREAT JOB!!! Al, the owner was a good choice for my job. He did all my repairs, snaked all my drains, doubled checked his work before leaving the house. Gave my some good advice for the future to avoid any more problems like I had. Thank you for suggesting ABC Plumbing, it really worked out well!!

Review Date: 07/20/2012 | Author: Ivan B., La Jolla, CA

Comments: Great job! Did good work and gave us a very good price! Prompt and professional!

Review Date: 06/29/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, Carlsbad, CA

Comments: Friendly, excellent work!

Review Date: 06/29/2012 | Author: Mike T., Oceanside, CA

Comments: Great work nice people

Review Date: 06/15/2012 | Author: Greg S., Escondido, CA

Comments: Al was great! He showed me how to keep track of the pressure and did the job in a flash.

Review Date: 06/14/2012 | Author: a Neighbor, San Marcos, CA

Comments: the service was very good but the original price quote was $475 and the final price ended being $825

Review Date: 06/05/2012 | Author: Lorelyn S., San Diego, CA

Comments: ABC Plumbing did a fantastic job with snaking my walk-in shower drain and replacing the toilet bowl parts! The owner, Al, has an impressive amount of years of experience. He runs his entire plumbing business and does all the work. I sensed very easily that he is very passionate about what he does. The knowledge he was willing to share with me regarding the projects I hired him to do as well as the quality in his work was evidence of this. I especially liked how he didn't try to hustle his way into getting more money and jobs out of me. He showed great professionalism and customer service. I would hire ABC Plumbing again in a heartbeat.

Review Date: 04/23/2012 | Author: Ian S., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: ..

Review Date: 01/19/2012 | Author: Eyzzz B., Vista, CA

Comments: Friendly, they went above and beyond a normal service, owner operated, great job.

Review Date: 01/05/2012 | Author: Vyacheslav F., Encinitas, CA

Comments: Knowledgeable, skilled, professional. Good value for the money. Will use again.

Review Date: 11/07/2011 | Author: Roland L., Escondido, CA

Comments: the about ratings speake for themselfs.

Review Date: 08/29/2011 | Author: Vista park H., Vista, CA

Comments: The condo association was very pleased with their work.

Review Date: 08/04/2011 | Author: Kim D., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: He is very professional with a high sense of integrity and great problem solving skills. Very reasonable price and top notch customer service.

Review Date: 02/16/2011 | Author: Tim G., Carlsbad, CA

Comments: I was very pleased with ABC Plumbing. Al is a very friendly person and he did a great job installing a new disposal to my sink. I would highly recommend ABC Plumbing.

Review Date: 12/07/2010 | Author: a Neighbor, ,

Comments: I just think that he really cares about what he has done for me.